Patreon migrates blog to a new CMS to meet growth goals

Patreon could not customize and leverage their blog for growth with their current CMS and resource limitations. They turned to Mutations to help them select a new CMS, migrate their content, and optimize their new blog to meet acquisition and engagement goals.

“With their help, I now have a deeper understanding of how people interact with our platform and adopt our product. They’ve built a customizable blog portal for us, and it’s been easy for me to look at the data we collect and identify how many qualified leads I’m sending to the sales team.”
- Kate Holt, Former Head of Content Marketing, Patreon

About Patreon

Patreon powers membership businesses for creators by giving them the tools they need to acquire, manage, and energize their paying patrons. “More than 150,000 artists use Patreon to generate income by offering exclusive content and communities to more than 4 million patrons in over 180 countries (and they’ve earned well over $1B in the process).” 1

The Challenge

Patreon had both technical and operational obstacles preventing them from maximizing their blog as a growth tool. Their legacy platform, WordPress, did not allow for the level of customization and data tracking the team was looking for. From an operational standpoint, the Patreon marketing team also lacked in-house development resources to take on this technical challenge. The team wanted to find a partner with the technical know-how to help them select a new CMS, migrate their existing content, and optimize it in its new home.

The Solution

Mutations guided the Patreon team through a CMS selection process, ultimately landing upon Contentful, which met their needs and worked with their site provider. Once the existing content was successfully migrated to the new CMS, Mutations focused on optimizing Patreon’s content and implementing data infrastructure to enable the team to meet their growth goals. This included recategorizing and retagging their content, building category pages, and creating custom templates so the team could feature different blog content for different audiences. Mutations also partnered with the analytics team to improve all tracking.

The Outcome

The Patreon team now has the ability to create custom blog experiences for audiences with different conversion paths. This front-end experience, along with accurate data tracking, enabled the Patreon team to hit their growth goals for the blog.

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