Patreon marketing site goes from engineering-dependent to marketing-managed

Patreon’s marketing team wanted the ability to quickly and easily edit their marketing site without being reliant on developers. Mutations transferred their site to a CMS customized for Partreon’s specific needs so marketing could update it on their own.

“When we identify an end result that we want, Mutations Limited finds several options to determine what fits best for our company.”
- Kate Holt, Former Head of Content Marketing, Patreon

About Patreon

Patreon powers membership businesses for creators by giving them the tools they need to acquire, manage, and energize their paying patrons. “More than 150,000 artists use Patreon to generate income by offering exclusive content and communities to more than 4 million patrons in over 180 countries (and they’ve earned well over $1B in the process).” 1

The Challenge

Patreon’s marketing team could not make frequent updates to their marketing site due to constraints on developer resources – Patreon’s developers were busy executing on the Patreon product roadmap. Without engineering resources, the team could not change text, visuals, CTAs, and other key information to support conversion and acquisition goals. Though they had worked with Mutations to choose a successful blog CMS, Patreon was not sure if this was also a CMS that would meet the needs of their marketing site.

The Solution

Mutations spent time with the team to understand their workflows and specific needs, suggesting and prototyping several CMS options. With a realistic and accurate understanding of how the content management systems would operate, Patreon was able to select a CMS for the marketing site. Mutations enhanced the system with custom technical solutions for content caching, data compatibility with their existing frontend, and multi-language support.

The Outcome

Patreon’s marketing team is no longer dependent on the development team and is able to manage updates to the site on their own. This flexibility and speed enable the team to test, learn, and grow faster to meet their business objectives.

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