Explosm — From Joking Hazard to serious website upgrades

Explosm worked with Mutations to modernize their website inside and out, from redesigning the website, to promoting new content and game sales, to updating their hosting platform and migrating their content. All in order to save thousands of dollars per month.

About Explosm

Explosm is a multimedia company best known for the insanely popular webcomic Cyanide and Happiness. From its start in webcomics in 2005, the company has expanded into international-selling card games, video games, animated shorts, and their viral Comic Generator, which Mutations built. In 2021, we took on the huge task of a complete redesign, migration (including 5000+ comics), and rebuild of the website in WordPress.

High-Level Services

  • Research & Strategy
  • Design & UI
  • Responsive & Mobile
  • CMS migration & implementation

The Solution Highlights

  • The Explosm website receives about 2.5 million visits per month. Our website redesign and CMS development focused on increasing product sales via cross-site product promotion, as well as streamlining content promotion. With a focus on game sales, we designed and integrated landing pages (e.g. Joking Hazard) into the Explosm website, which the company can now build upon for future products.
  • Updating Explosm’s hosting platforms and migrating their webcomic content saved the company thousands of dollars per month in hosting costs while simultaneously simplifying the infrastructure.

The Tech

  • WordPress (Headless)
  • Custom WP Plugins
  • Netlify
  • React
  • Next.js
  • TypeScript
  • Firebase

Let's Work Our Magic—Together

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