Imperfect Foods Partnering with the in-house team to implement an interactive new site

Imperfect Foods redesigned their marketing site in 2021 as they were raising their Series D funding. The redesign featured animations to better showcase their offerings and the critical impact of food waste on the environment. When they realized they needed a technical partner with expertise in animations and interactive UX, they brought in Mutations to partner with their in-house team.

About Imperfect Foods

Imperfect Foods is a grocery delivery service (and a Public Benefit Corporation) on a mission to reduce food waste. After raising their Series D ($110M) in early 2021, Imperfect needed to quickly roll out a major upgrade to their marketing site. They invested in an extensive redesign and turned to Mutations to help implement their highly interactive new design for their site, which receives about 2 million visits/month.

High-Level Services

  • Animation & Interactive Ux
  • Web Development
  • Responsive & Mobile
  • Project Management
  • Design Production

The Solution Highlights

  • Mutations was brought in as the technical and implementation partner for the website build-out. Imperfect’s technical goals were to increase the site's interactivity without reducing performance or accessibility. We were particularly attentive to performance impact as we began development.
  • Mutations paired with the in-house tech leadership, delivering website animations and sophisticated front-end functionality on the newly designed site.
  • We guided the Imperfect team through the performance considerations. We worked iteratively with the design agency to ensure that the intended brand elements and interactivity came through while maintaining a performant site.
  • New components were delivered in Storybook to facilitate design feedback and development between the fully remote and distributed teams.
  • The partnership featured very tight, regular communication across the Mutations devs and PM, the Imperfect internal team, and the design agency.

The Tech

  • React
  • Storybook (To Showcase Components)
  • Advanced CSS Techniques

Let's Work Our Magic—Together

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