Mythical Society A brand new mobile app to grow Rhett & Link’s audience

The wildly popular viral content creators decided in 2020 to go mobile and build an app to grow their audience -- and give their devoted fans private content at the same time. Mythical partnered with Mutations to bring the app to life, from design to development to continued feature iterations.

About Mythical Society

The Mythical Society is a private online community for fans of Rhett & Link and Mythical. Rhett & Link’s Good Mythical Morning YouTube channel has over 17 million subscribers, and some of their most popular videos have over 50 million views.

High-Level Services

  • Product Development
  • iOS and Android
  • Responsive & Mobile
  • Design Production

The Solution Highlights

  • Mythical’s goals were to build a new mobile app to grow their audience and provide more private video content on the go to their fans. Given the importance of Mythical’s visual identity and brand, Mutations partnered closely with a design firm, working iteratively to ensure functional product requirements in addition to design production.
  • With our extensive expertise in headless CMS implementation, we knew that utilizing a CMS to power the app would help the Mythical team keep their content up to date. We heavily modified their WordPress CMS to support full GraphQL API access with WPGraphQL and custom plugins.
  • We built a custom Firebase backend to bridge WordPress content with push notifications, in-app messages, and full support for the Memberful OAuth requirements.
  • After the app launch in 2020, Mutations continued to support the Mythical team by developing new features and maintaining their app.
  • The app has been successful in growing the Mythical audience -- including 50,000 downloads on Android.

The Tech

  • Ionic.js
  • React
  • Custom WP Plugins
  • Memberful
  • WordPress (Headless)
  • Firebase

Let's Work Our Magic—Together

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