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Front End Programming

Writing client-side code

e.g., JavaScript ES6+, Ember.js, React.js, Relay, GraphQL, jQuery

Back End Programming

Writing server-side code

e.g., Ruby on Rails, Python, C#, Databases, Caches, Networks

Mobile App Development

Developing iOS & Android applications using multiple technologies

Code Reviews

Analyzing existing and newly contributed code

Continuous Integration

Monitoring project test suites with tools such as CircleCI, Travis, etc.

System Upgrades

Updating application code and project dependencies

e.g., Rails version upgrades


Project & Product Management

Requirement Planning

Discussing and documenting feature requirements with product owner

Scope Definition

Using market research and project constraints to help guide product definition

User Story Creation

Writing clear and actionable user stories with well-defined acceptance criteria

Iteration & Backlog Management

Scheduling and assigning stories using tools such as Pivotal Tracker to manage product backlogs

QA Testing

Designing and implementing processes for quality assurance testing

Story Acceptance

Ensuring that delivered code matches product owner’s expectations

Process Improvements

Using proven techniques to enhance process where possible



Architecture Design

Incorporating technical and business needs to plan scalable, performant, and secure server architecture


Employing tools and concepts like automation, measurement and infrastructure as code to complement the software development lifecycle

Cloud Computing

Building and migrating applications which utilize cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft Azure Cloud


Performing major and minor version upgrades of languages, frameworks, and services

Performance Tuning

Analyzing and optimizing system performance

Story Acceptance

Ensuring that delivered code matches product owner’s expectations

Process Improvements

Using proven techniques to enhance process where possible



Infrastructure Review

Evaluating infrastructure and architecture for best practices and problem areas

Application Review

Evaluating application code for best practices and problem areas

Threat Modeling

Characterizing potential risks and attack vectors from an attacker’s point of view

Vulnerability Assessment

Locating, prioritizing, and reporting vulnerabilities

Penetration Testing

Attacking business assets and exploiting vulnerabilities to determine level of exposure

Compliance Auditing

Reviewing an organization's adherence to regulatory guidelines and automation of compliance reporting



Addressing and fixing issues found during assessments

e.g., updating code, patching servers, writing reports


UX & UI Design

UX Modeling

Suggesting modifications and improvements throughout the development lifecycle based on direct user feedback and research

UX Wireframing

Building clickable wireframes to prototype software before programming begins

Polished UI Mockups

Designing pixel-perfect mockups in design software such as Sketch and Adobe Photoshop

UI Production

Producing developer-ready interfaces coded from static design assets

e.g., HTML and CSS

Responsive Design

Developing responsive UI for mobile and desktop platforms, using Bootstrap and other frameworks


Training & Team Building

Workshops & Courses

Presenting multi-hour through multi-day focused training sessions

Team Augmentation

Identifying issues and introducing best practices to improve teams

Technical Interviews

Vetting potential candidates based on technical competencies