We’re Rails Upgrade Experts

Let us upgrade your Rails app while your team focuses on your other priorities.

Mutations Limited knows Rails upgrades

We understand the difficulty in prioritizing software upgrades, but they’re crucial in keeping your app running smoothly. Why not let Mutations Limited take care of your upgrade while your team focuses on your other priorities?

Why keep your Rails app up to date?

Stop Security Threats

Nearly every day, hackers create new security vulnerabilities, putting your data - and business - at risk. The best defense is keeping your app up to date.

Gain New Features

Upgrading to the latest versions of Ruby and Rails provides your developers with new tools and can even speed up your application, saving your developers time!

Reduce Technical Debt

Technical debt increases the cost of your app in the long-run, and upgrading becomes more costly and difficult the longer you put it off.

Our Process

We’ll schedule a brief call to discuss your Rails app at no cost. Then we’ll sign an NDA and dig into your code so we can estimate the effort required to complete your upgrade.

Once we start the upgrade, a project manager from our team will keep you up to date on the progress and help with testing.

After we're done, we can monitor your application on a regular basis and provide incremental improvements and suggestions to keep your app up to date.

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