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Why Mutations?

We are on a mission to use our technical expertise to solve business challenges that reflect a drive to continuously learn, adapt, and grow. With our help, you can experience the unique benefit of software and business solutions derived from authentic human connection.

When we started Mutations, we asked ourselves, “How can we create a space in which products, people, and businesses can continuously learn, adapt, and grow?”. Through our journey and our vast combined experience, we have learned that authentic human connection, respect, transparency, and humor are the key ingredients to creating these meaningful changes. We have built our business on these values and on our technological expertise so that we may transform your business.

Mutations combines your vision and our extensive experience to work efficiently and creatively.

Our ability to communicate allows us to exceed expectations and help you avoid common pitfalls.

We build lasting relationships rooted in connection, communication, and the quality of our work.

Our Clients & Partners

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Our Approach

Our approach is not dogmatic. We mutate to fit the needs of the project and to accommodate new information. We employ a circular process for our work with strong feedback loops to allow for self-correction and self-optimization. While the ordering will change as needed, we use the steps below to ensure mutually beneficial outcomes.

  • Learn

    Learning is a critical component of any partnership. We take the necessary time to understand your business and your needs, keeping an open mind and letting the discovery take us where it leads. We are constantly looking for the context, constraints, pitfalls, and opportunities. We study your business cooperatively – many clients note they learn about their own businesses through our discovery process.

  • Lead

    Once we know where you’re trying to go, we lead the team to get moving in the right direction. Our partnership means we lead together. We collaborate with you to make the moment-by-moment decisions to meet (y)our goals, guiding you through the challenges, while anticipating the unexpected.

  • Do

    We think of ourselves as problem-solvers, laser focused on your problems. If we identify software solutions that can solve your problems, we always look for the lowest scope approach. We develop software iteratively, focusing on frequent, small, tangible wins. Our fluid staffing and continuous professional development allow us to carefully match our team’s strengths with your needs.

  • Measure

    An essential part of our process is to frequently measure how successful our solutions are at meeting your goals, and adjust as needed. We pause to ask: Is this partnership working the way you need it to work? Are we still creating the right thing? Are we prioritizing the right technical challenges? We adjust our work and process as we go to ensure we’re adapting to new information and to your changing business needs.

  • Communicate

    Throughout our partnerships we value communication above all else. It is how we ensure our feedback loop is strong. We strive to minimize misinterpretation and to build trust through transparency. We meet regularly, document and report back frequently, use collaborative tools, etc. We always keep you updated about progress, challenges, and budgets.

Our Work

"With their help, I now have a deeper understanding of how people interact with our platform and adopt our product. [...] I feel like they have become an extension of our team and don’t just serve as a third party."

Kate Holt Head of Content Marketing, Patreon

"I would - and will - hire them again. In fact, anyone accepted into this elite group is going to be a top notch coder."

Jeff Starr President & Founder of 01Click

"They're an excellent team of senior engineers that really do a great job by their clients."

Kenny Johnston Director of Technology, Gemini Legal

"… it's the way they interact with each other to deliver a complete package so seamlessly that is truly amazing."

Scott Frost CEO, American Funding Innovators, Inc.

Who are the mutants?

We have built a uniquely transparent environment where the entire team is empowered to contribute authentically and find balance in their work. We unleash the alchemy of our team working together to solve the hardest problems. Our team delivers great code. We are technical and product leaders; we have tested opinions about architecture, the development lifecycle, and the purpose of technology in how it helps form, support, and grow businesses.

Our growing team has hundreds of years of combined experience. The Mutants are frontend, backend, and full stack developers, UI/UX designers, branding and creative designers, and project and product managers. We're always looking for new folks to join us. Get in touch if you're interested in learning more!

Partners and Collaborators

We collaborate with you as part of your business. This is more than staff augmentation, we are your product engineering team. Let us partner with you, and we’ll work our magic.

Experienced Problem Solvers

We are problem solvers that use software to help your business grow sustainably. We have built enterprise solutions for Fortune 500 companies, as well as startups that rely on technology to deliver real-time services that scale.

Beyond Full Stack Developers

We’ve led product teams, built web applications, worked with businesses to better understand their users, designed apps, conducted training, and helped our clients win contracts and secure funding.



Start and end with a human connection. Mutations sees people first and foremost. We dedicate ourselves to respecting and supporting our team, who will, in turn, respect and support our clients.


Give a damn. Do what's right, not what's easy. We have nothing to prove, which means we focus on progress, not perfection. We make a continual effort to improve our work and ourselves, and to propose the right path forward.


Do what you say and say what you mean. We maintain transparency in all things by being genuine with our team, authentic with clients, and conscientious with our coding. We are candid about how we work, what it's going to cost, and the challenges we may face.


Be adaptive and resilient. We anticipate and respond creatively to change. We have the experience to know that 'needs' rarely stay fixed for long. We know resiliency leads to continued growth both personally and professionally.


Take it easy. We take our work seriously while being kind and laughing at ourselves. We are generous to each other. We strive every day to create and maintain an environment where people can be happy and fulfilled.


We go beyond full stack software development.


Product & Project Management



UX & UI Design

Team Building & Training

Let's Work Our Magic—Together

HAVE A PROJECT in mind and want to talk more? We are interested in partnering with you and would love to hear more about your needs.