How we work

Our process is based in transparency, continuous feedback loops, and a focus on finding the best solution to the problem at hand.

Long-term partnerships

We approach every client as partners, not vendors. When we start a project, we strive to understand the nuanced context and constraints of our clients’ businesses, and carefully match our team’s strengths with ever-changing business needs. We strongly prefer agile development with an empathetic, transparent service practice.

We want to see our clients’ businesses and projects succeed. Full stop. If we’re not a good fit for your project, we’ll tell you.

Mutations in Action

Our process

Our process varies based on the individual needs of the clients we serve. What never changes, however, is our goal: Understand our clients and their business deeply so we can be true strategic partners.

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It’s critical for us to assess your needs (with you) before we recommend next steps on where and how to invest in solutions. Our needs assessment allows us to understand your goals and direction, constraints, challenges, pitfalls, and most importantly your opportunities.

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Next, we work with you determine the types of solutions that will address your business’ problems and opportunities. Sometimes it’s a software solution. Sometimes it’s not. We are problem-solvers, keeping our eyes on both the short-term solution and the long-term need.

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We develop software iteratively, focusing on frequent, small, tangible wins. We aim for quick ROI on features and solutions while also working towards longer-term, deeper investments. Our team stays on top of the newest, best in class technology, and we’re always eager to expand our knowledge.

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Measurement & iteration

An essential part of our process is to frequently measure how well our solutions are meeting your goals, and adjust as needed. These constant feedback loops look different on every project we do.

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Throughout our partnerships we value communication above all else. It’s how we ensure our feedback loop is strong and our context is current. We meet regularly, use remote collaborative tools, and keep you updated about progress, challenges, and budgets.

Are we the team you've been looking for?

We really shine when:

  • You need help with a project that is strategically important to your business
  • You’re willing and eager to let us in and share your business goals and challenges
  • You understand that good tech is a long-term investment
  • You understand the value of having technical experts involved at every stage of a major project

We really don't shine when:

  • We’re asked to do Isolated fixed-bid projects (We bill hourly)
  • We’re asked to compete exclusively on price
  • You ask us to do work on After-thought projects with no strategic value to your business

Let's Work Our Magic—Together

HAVE A PROJECT in mind and want to talk more? We are interested in partnering with you and would love to hear more about your needs.