SR Rolling out Stripe’s ACH integration for dynamic payments

SR, a long-term Mutations client, asked our team for a portal to allow parties to make online payments. Mutations vetted different options and ultimately developed a solution that resulted in cost and time savings as well as a secure and easy experience for SR customers.

The Mutations team is responsive, highly skilled, and a pleasure to work with. They have a deep understanding of our business and wide experience with technology – and employed both to deliver a payment processing solution that is cost effective and helps us achieve our strategic goals.
— Director of Operations, SR


Founded in 2017, SR is an alternative dispute resolution provider. From mediation and arbitration to other resolution services, experienced Neutrals guide attorneys, clients, and risk professionals through dispute resolution. Mutations has been the dedicated technical team for SR for 4 years, supporting their constant workflow automation and business enablement through custom technology solutions.


Like many of Mutations’ clients, SR has unique requirements. Earlier this year they needed something beyond a simple online credit card payment page.  SR faced burdensome credit card fees and Mutations knew that ACH would need to be part of the solution. 

ACH is a common solution for business-to-business, recurring payments.  Although ACH provides low processing fees, it traditionally has required many manual steps to set up – too much hassle to use for one-off payments SR’s clients would perform.  Unlike credit cards where quick payment approval is the norm, an ACH payment can take days to complete. 

To complete the full payment processing flow, the solution would also need to post directly to SR’s accounting software and integrate with their case management application.


Mutations partnered with SR to understand their business model’s unique requirements. Beyond the fundamentals of financial security, ease of use, and cost savings, SR required a payment portal that took both credit card and ACH payments; a portal that would meet SR’s need for multiple individuals to submit payments on behalf of the same party.

Initially, Mutations developed a proof of concept for Plaid, an ACH payment processor. Through this solution vetting process, it became clear that Plaid presented user experience and financial security challenges that were not conducive to SR’s need for individuals and organizations to make one-time payments easily. 
The Mutations team is alert to new product releases and realized that Stripe’s newly released ACH integration was an alternative that made ACH payments as easy as credit payments.  They developed a solution that integrates Stripe’s payment processing, recorded payments in their accounting software, and reflected them in their case management application.


Upon rollout, SR was thrilled with both the internal and external impact.  The SR team can now seamlessly process payments of all sizes securely and easily. The greatest benefit of Mutations’ solution is flexibility. The results: 

  • Significant cost savings per payment for SR in credit card processing fees
  • Per-payment time savings of 30 minutes for internal staff

With the new Stripe ACH integration, clients themselves can initiate individual, one-off ACH payments via 0Auth or traditional micro-deposit options just as easily as credit card payments.  This provides significant savings for SR in credit card processing fees. 

The SR accounting team was delighted when the first online payment was made, saving them the manual processing work of capturing the payment details, ensuring no other individual has paid the invoice and validating the payment success.  These results, amplified by many more transactions, are transforming the way SR does business.

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